MTG Has Been Vacationing in Costa Rica This Week With Her Ex-Husband and Kids

An anonymous tipster has reported that Marjorie Taylor Greene and her family, including her ex-husband, are vacationing in Costa Rica this week. The tipster had been on the same flight as Greene and her family from Atlanta to the Central American nation on Sunday.

Marge was seated in first class on a plane from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Liberia, Costa Rica.

“My parents are her constituents, and I thought it was funny how they are freezing right now in Rome, GA while she’s in CR on vacation,” wrote the tipster.

“For the past 15 years, Congresswoman Greene and her family always take a trip together at Christmas time. And this year was extra important,” said a spokesman from her congressional office. “All she’s done is follow Nancy Pelosi’s rules and she’s happy she could proudly vote NO to the $1.7 trillion Omni monster.”

The Georgia Rep has remained busy while vacationing with her kids and ex-husband in Costa Rica.

On Monday she was jousting on Twitter with Rep Lauren Boebert. On Tuesday she tweeted a lengthy thread supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House, and followed up with an op-ed Wednesday in the Daily Caller on the same topic. She skipped the historic address of President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, but was certain to mock him with a critical tweet. On Thursday her divorce was finalized, and on Friday she voted by proxy against the $1.7 trillion “omnimonster” bill that would fund the government through most of 2023, aid Ukraine, and reform the Electoral Count Act.

Kevin McCarthy has vowed to end proxy voting if he becomes Speaker of the House in January.