Liveblog - Weekend Wrap Up/New Year’s Free Chat

Happy New Year’s, News Viewers.

Yes, we’re doing it again because, why not?

Please feel free to post any news we may have missed or you just want to share and…feel free to chit and chat amongst yourselves.

Stay safe, everyone.

Let us just hope it’s a better year than the last several. Let us hope the Orange Ass gets indicted and his KKKult doesn’t burn down the country. Let us hope the Democratic Party puts all of the crazy in the upcoming, new House of Reps. in check. Show the world these morons have NO CLUE on how to govern and lead.

President Biden/Biden Adminstration:


What Others are Saying/The Sunday Shows:

Nasty Weather:

San Francisco sees record rain as flooding shuts down highway

More than 5 inches of rain has fallen in downtown San Francisco.

The Worst and Stupidest People in the World:

Live From Mar a Lardo:

Craven Assholes:

Get Out the Lawrence Welk Records:

😂 😂 😂


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