GUNZ: 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher at Newport News, Virginia, Elementary School

Abigail ‘Abby’ Zwerner, 25, is the first-grade teacher who was shot


The first-grade class at Richneck Elementary School in Newport Newswas in a small reading group about to go to art when one of their classmates pulled a handgun from his backpack and pointed it at his teacher, according to Brittaney Gregory, whose son was in the class. “She was going to confiscate it, and that’s when he shot,” she said. Washington Post

A 6-year-old student shot a teacher during an altercation at a Virginia elementary school on Friday, police said. No students were injured in the incident at Richneck Elementary School, Newport News police said in a statement.

“This was not an accidental shooting,” Police Chief Steve Drew told reporters during an evening press conference. The boy was taken into custody, Drew said. He said a handgun was used in the altercation.

The chief said the teacher suffered what he described as a life-threatening gunshot wound and was taken to a hospital.


During a news conference Friday evening, Chief Drew said the female teacher – who is in her 30s – was shot inside a classroom and added that “this was not an accidental shooting.”

Drew says there was an altercation between the teacher and the student before a single round was fired.

The teacher’s injuries are considered life-threatening at this time, Drew said. Earlier Friday, Drew said the teacher was in critical condition.


﹡Other reports say the shooter was 7.

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