Biden Electors in Michigan File Lawsuit Against Fake Electors

Three of the legitimate Michigan electors who cast their votes for Biden in 2020 have filed a lawsuit against 16 Republicans who submitted official documents falsely saying that Trump won the state’s election.

The lawsuit states that GOP electors violated multiple criminal laws, including state laws against election law forgery and obstructing or attempting to obstruct “any elector in the exercise” of their duties.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages amounting to at least $25,000 and a declaration from a judge that the “fake elector scheme was illegal under Michigan law.”

The lawsuit came five days after Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced she was reopening her office’s investigation into the Republican electors.

Nessel cited new documents released by a U.S. House committee and said there was “clear evidence to support charges” against the group of Republicans who signed a document that was submitted to the National Archives and was intended to help Trump supporters challenge his loss to Biden.

Detroit News

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