Coffee Talk

Good morning, News Viewers and free chatters, it’s another Thursday we’re plodding through to get to the weekend.

Coffee Talk is first and foremost your free chat territory of the day, where we welcome your thoughts about everything from a(pples) to z(ombies). We also offer a random alternative topic for entertainment only purposes.

Today’s Topic

I’ll start by saying that I am so bummed that I couldn’t find a clip of the newest commercial brought to you by Martha Stewart and her katana sword that I’m 110% certain is triggering a boatload of wingnuts. When you see it, you’ll know….

But there’s also another new Martha Stewart commercial out there that had me spitting out my coffee when I first saw it, and it brings an opportunity for Coffee Talk topic duplexity.

Martha, Martha, Martha…

1) Commercials, good or bad, know of any?

2) January — is yours dry, damp or soaking wet?

That darn Martha, when did she get so freaky? Can anyone confirm it correlates with the timing of a marketing relationship with Snoop Dogg?

Also, is anyone noticing this general push in the media to get folks to check their alcohol intake?

“Dry January” and its advocates tout better sleep, mood, energy, and overall health as a great way to reset habits in the new year, but I’m not entirely convinced of any of the cause-effect relationship. Maybe I belong in the Damp January category. Since the stress of December is over I’ve noticed a sharp drop in my indulgences. And for my California friends, I’m not even touching the Soaking Wet January option.

So enough rambling…..

Whatcha wanna Coffee Talk about?

Let’s hear what you’re thinking this morning — from commercials to cats to Congress, we want to know how your January is shaping up.

So pour another cup (coffee!) and have a great Thursday!