Last Call: January 14, 2023

Good evening, News Viewers, and welcome to the weekend. Congrats t 49er fans–ugh…life will be hell in my household with all the gloating Mr. G can dish.

And, I’m just going to make this brief and turn it over to you guys because we have a break in our latest storm and before it gets dark, I need to grab some wood siding that was torn off my house and put it in the ‘adjuster pile’ for Monday.

Those old wood slats that are on my house are freaking expensive to replace…been there, done that. After we gutted and remodeled our kitchen, we replaced a ton to go over sheetrock and whatever those huge boards were that I bought. Those slats aren’t easy to find. We have a source, an old hardware/lumber yard near us but, who knows what they have since…COVID-19…screwed everything up for everyone. Plus, if it’s wood left out in the numerous days of rain we’ve had, hell no.

So, Californians and other states affected by our destructive storms, be safe. We have a ton of flooded out streets and neighborhoods where I live and new evacuation orders for certain areas have been issued. Be safe!

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