Talko Tuesday: January 24, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers! So, where did the month go? It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the holiday lights, popping open a bottle of champagne, in our case…Prosecco…to ring in the new year and now, it’s almost February.

I think for me the holidays became so in the rearview mirror when our storms hit and I became more focused on whether or not we would still have a roof and all the mess we had to clean. I’m still waiting for my insurance company to give us the final report on what they will or won’t pay for. I’m not the only one in this area; everything is backlogged and still a mess.

So, what’s going on in your world? I hope everyone is doing well and not shaking uncontrollably or about ready to drop dead from your COVID-19 shot(s) like Marge and the rest of the MAGAts/science denying morons claim will happen.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the day.

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