America 2023: More mass shootings than days so far

There have been 39 mass shootings in the first three weeks of 2023.

From Axios:

 Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) called out McCarthy specifically during a news conference on the shootings during a visit to Half Moon Bay Tuesday, saying he “purports to represent the people” of California. We haven’t heard one damn word from him, not since Monterey Park, not what happened here, not one expression of prayers, condolences, nothing, and it should surprise nobody,” the California governor said. “Where’s he been on gun safety reform? Where’s the Republican Party been on gun safety reform? Shame on them. Shame on those that allow and perpetuate that to be rewarded politically.”

A mourner attends a candlelight vigil for victims of a mass shooting on Jan. 23 in Monterey Park, California. 

From the NYT:
There is no consensus on what constitutes a mass shooting, complicating the efforts of government, nonprofits and news organizations to document the scope of the problem. Different groups define mass shootings differently, depending on circumstances including the number of victims, whether the victims are killed or wounded, and whether the shooting occurs in a public place. The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research group that tracks gun violence using police reports, news coverage and other public sources, defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people were killed or injured.