Lawsuit: Houston Janitor Peed in Water Bottles, 13 Women Test Positive for STDs

DATELINE: HOUSTON – A lawsuit was filed against multiple companies after a Houston custodian was arrested back in October 2022 after a worker claimed he gave her an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD) by peeing in her water bottle. have filed a lawsuit on the behalf of 13 women against companies they say “permitted and disregarded” the actions of Lucio Catarino Diaz.

Later on, in August 2022, several other women also noticed the water bottles in their building smelled and tasted foul, similar to urine. This caused one of the women to buy a hidden camera and place it on her desk.

The video was said to show nighttime janitor Diaz approaching the woman’s desk and setting his cleaning supplies down. Diaz then began to rub his genitalia on the interior and mouth of a water bottle sitting on the desk, even turning it upwards to ensure he touched the water. The video then showed him placing the bottle back where he found it and continuing to clean the desk.


The next day the woman reportedly sent a copy of the video to the building’s management company and told them she would be notifying the other tenants in the building. The management company asked the woman not to tell the tenants and told her they would handle the incident and let them know, reports say.

“Even after building management knew about the video they did not contact the police. Our clients did,” says Mo Aziz. However, the building allegedly gave no notification to the tenants, and later the same evening the hidden camera caught Diaz doing the act again.

Diaz, has the Herpes Simplex 1 Virus.

❋Diaz admitted what he did, he was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

❋The workers are suing the owner of the building, the building’s management company, the maintenance company, and the cleaning company that employed Diaz.


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This is an update to a News Views discussion  from last October, titled, Woman Says She Was Infected With STD After Janitor Urinated in Her Water Bottle

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