Tyre Nichols’ Connection to Cop’s Ex-Wife or Girlfriend Under Investigation

The Memphis Police Department is investigating rumors about a possible connection between Tyre Nichols and the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend of one of the Memphis cops arrested and charged in Nichols’ death.

The Shelby County district attorney’s office confirmed that there is an investigation involving a connection to the ex-girlfriend or ex-wife of former Memphis cop Demetrius Haley, and also a rumor that Haley sent the ex-wife or girlfriend a photo of Nichols following the violent beating that later caused his death.

“All of this is still under investigation. Those are the things, along with the participation of others, that [are] now the subject of our investigation,” a Shelby County spokesperson said, and clarified that a connection had not been confirmed.

“At this time none of those accusations are confirmed. However, nothing is off the table as this is a very active investigation—and still early in the investigation.”

The various rumors have circulated on social media following Nichols’ death.

There are also social media posts that refute the rumors.

Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a eulogy on Wednesday, and said (from a transcript):

They never asked this man for his license. Never asked for the car registration, Snatched him out of the car and began beating him. Nobody mentioned nothing about no girlfriend, nobody mentioned nothing about no – they started beating an unarmed man.

This story was from Newsweek, with the latest update from 4:59pmET on Wednesday.