Coffee Talk

Babe — I got you, Babe…

Let me spare you the suspense, the varmint predicted six more weeks of winter. Whatevs, Phil.

Just like “Groundhog Day,” I feel like I keep waking up to Thursday’s Coffee Talk. Time to make the coffee, time to drink the coffee, time to think of an alternate, fun topic for Thursday’s free chat — WHICH IS ALWAYS JUST A FREE CHAT, with a twist. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Today’s Topic

On Wednesday the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its list of nominees for induction, and again the definitions of “rock and roll” seem to be expanding beyond the borders of heavy beat + simple melodies. Among the list below, I see country, hip-hop, and pop artists– and a couple I need to Google. Does this mean that rock and roll is dying? Say it’s not so.

The inductees won’t be selected until May, with the ceremony taking place later this fall.

From the above list (or from your own??), who would you want to see inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Feel free to add some music videos to your comments — we will be forgiving — Ms. G loves music threads!

As always, Coffee Talk is Thursday’s free chat, so tell us what’s on your mind this morning. And don’t put your sweaters and sweatshirts away just yet. Thanks, Phil.