The birth control pill for men could be a game changer

But will men take it?

Taking a contraceptive pill every day could soon be a thing of the past for women as a pill that men can take just before sex has been created (AT LAST).

The male contraceptive pill blocks a fertility protein for 24 hours, scientists say, and could be more effective than women’s daily birth control pills.

But how does it work? The drug disables an enzyme called sAC (soluble adenylyl cyclase) for a short while – this enzyme is what triggers which the cells to swim, so no enzyme, no swimming, no pregnancy! 

“Sperm recovered from female mice remained incapacitated. There were no side effects,” Balbach says.

“The compound wore off three hours later, and males recovered their fertility.”

52 attempts were made for impregnation and all were unsuccessful.