Third Grader Finds School Superintendent’s Unattended Gun in Restroom

Nearly three weeks after a 3rd-grade student found an unattended firearm in the school bathroom at his elementary school, the Rising Star ISD school board will finally address the incident.

Giovanni Mata’s son, Leighton, was one of the students that discovered the firearm that belonged to Rising Star Superintendent Robby Stuteville.

“The superintendent had left his gun in the bathroom because he always has it on him on his hip and Leighton and another kid had found it,” Mata explained.

To make matters even more potentially dangerous, a teacher asked Leighton to return to the restroom to double check if the gun was real. His father questioned why a teacher would do that instead of getting someone who wasn’t a child!!! to check the authenticity of the gun.

The school held an emergency meeting to hear parents’ concerns. Before the meeting, Stuteville offered this statement:

“This is one of those examples that guns in school regardless of who takes care of them are a considerable danger. One should school all of their children to be on the lookout for any kind of unusual placement of weapon or any other kind of thing that’s out of place and report it to the authorities immediately,” Stuteville explained.

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