DeSantis Downplays Russian Threat and Blames America For Causing War in Ukraine

While appearing on Fox News following President Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv on Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis explained that Russia’s military threat has been “third-rate” and blamed Biden’s “weakness” as the root cause of the Russian invasion.

“The fear of Russia going into NATO countries and all that and steamrolling, you know, that has not even come close to happening,” said DeSantis.

DeSantis blamed:

  • The Obama/Biden administration for withholding lethal aid to Ukraine
  • Biden’s weak withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Biden’s lack of attention to domestic issues: Ohio’s toxic spill; Fentanyl on the southern border; Chinese balloons

In 2013, DeSantis joined other hawkish conservatives and expressed concerns to then Secretary of State John Kerry about Russia’s economic coersion in Ukraine.

DeSantis, joined by Tom Cotton, Scott Perry, Adam Kinzinger and others, signed a letter of concern to Secretary Kerry.


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