Delta Passenger offers $100,000 to fellow passenger if she will remove her mask

Delta Passenger Steve Kirsch, anti-vaxxer who is vaccinated, an early COVID reliable source and funder, has become a proponent of sketchy cures and a widespread source of misinformation.

“A philanthropist and entrepreneur who has been accused of spreading misinformation on COVID-19 was thoroughly mocked on social media Friday after a smug post about an incident he supposedly had on an airplane.” according to Huffington Post.

The tweet seemed to be a sequel to one he posted Tuesday, when he said he offered $10,000 to others on a plane if they would take off their masks for the duration of the flight.

“Mr. Kirsch is posing as a scientist with expertise in drug and vaccine development. His statements over the past year belie this pose,” Dr. Douglas Richman, distinguished professor of pathology and medicine at the University of California San Diego and a former member of the CETF’s advisory board, told The Daily Beast. “His dissemination of misinformation is a threat to public health.”

Daily Beast, Oct. 2021

From the MIT Technology Review:

Talking to Kirsch is an exhausting experience. He is frequently brash and interruptive, peppering dire warnings about vaccines with veiled aspersions toward Anthony Fauci and vague references to influential people who agree with him in private but cannot speak publicly. In three phone conversations, as well as dozens of emails, his responses to questions about claims in this story were imprecise or constantly changing. He told me that while he and his family got vaccinated as soon as they were eligible, he got the idea that vaccines are dangerous from a man he hired to clean his carpets, who got very sick after receiving the vaccine. Elsewhere he has said he began questioning vaccine safety after an unnamed Twitter follower told him several family members died after getting their shots. He’s also recently increased the number of Americans he claim have been killed by the vaccine from 25,0000, to 150,000, or even “as many as 250,000” Americans.

From MIT “This tech millionaire went from covid trial funder to misinformation superspreader”


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