Buying frenzy ensues as items from Murdaugh family estate auctioned to public

The auction attracted people looking to purchase items associated with the family's murder trial as gifts

On Thursday, people from all over the Southeast gathered for an auction of items originally inside the Murdaughs’ home in Colleton County, South Carolina, which is a hunting property called Moselle. 

Liberty Auction in Pembroke, Georgia sold off a variety of items from Alex Murdaugh’s estate, many of which were purchased by people interested in his recent double murder trial. 

On March 3, Murdaugh was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for the shooting of his wife and son, a case that was documented in the Netflix docuseries, “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.”

It will take several days to do a full accounting of the sales but some of the items sold for eye-catching sums. A Yeti cup, which typically retails for $35, sold for $400, according to Mattingly. A beer koozie sold for $500, while mounted antlers went for $10,000 and a furniture set for $30,000.

The sale also included beds, chests, tables, chairs, a popcorn maker, and picture frames that once hung on the walls of the Moselle estate, along with a large rack of hunting equipment. Robert Daley’s book “Man with A Gun,” a story about a man who commits an accidental homicide, was also among the items sold.

According to Law & Crime,  a crossbow, “supposedly the one seen in police body camera footage at the property — and taken from the Moselle property gunroom,” was listed with an opening bid of $14,000. 

A number of the items sold at the auction popped up on Ebay shortly after, listed at lofty prices.

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