Coffee Talk

Good morning, News Viewers, welcome back to Thursday’s coffee bar of your favorite news site.

Coffee Talk is like the break room at work, where we can gather for moment to touch base on things not work-related — or as your mods like to indicate, “off topic.”

So while we’re busy all day here solidly working to solve real life problems in America and beyond, let’s spend a few minutes at Coffee Talk taking a break to catch up on non-work-related topics.

And here at Coffee Talk, we offer up a conversation starter.

Today’s (Off-Topic) Topic

We are ten days beyond the vernal equinox, and two days from April. Meteorologists loosely define the month of March as “seasonal spring” but we all know spring when we see it. The days begin to get longer, the temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere begin to get warmer, and (depending on your location) warm rains begin nourishing plant life again.

What signs of Spring are you experiencing?

Okay, so maybe I’m anticipating to live vicariously through others, because this morning the sun is shining on a frosty lawn with air temps at 15 degrees. With expectant high temps in the upper 40s, this is the typical time of year in which almost anything goes.

My tulips peeked up an inch or so a couple weeks ago, but since then they’ve halted and I expect to see them wearing a hoodie on mornings like this.

The new maple tree we planted last year is boasting some deep red buds, so I’m looking forward to injecting some Tree-Tone fertilizer into its dripline.

At any rate, take a break from the hard work we produce day after day here at News Views as “consultants,” solving problems.

Pour a cup, and let’s chat it up — what’s looking like spring in your world, and what else is happening that’s “off-topic?”

Make it a great Thursday, friends, the weekend is almost here!

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