Florida Grandmother Charged in Hot Car Death of Granddaughter … 

… Less Than a Year After Grandson Drowned While in Her Care

Former school principal Tracey Nix, 65, is facing the charges following the death of her seven-month-old granddaughter Uriel Schock in a hot car on 1 November, ABC first reported. Ms Nix is accused of leaving the baby in the back seat of her SUV while she practised piano inside her home in the city of Wauchula, Florida.

Temperatures on the day of the tragedy reached 90 degrees. Ms Nix claimed she was not aware of the situation until one of her grandsons arrived and “all of a sudden” it “came across her head” that Uriel had been in the SUV with the windows rolled up all afternoon.

Uriel’s death came less than a year after her 16-month-old brother, Ezra, drowned in a pond while he was at Ms Nix’s home. The grandmother had reportedly fallen asleep on the couch in the living room while her partner was running errands.


A Florida woman is demanding prison time for her own mother after her two young children died less than a year apart while allegedly in their grandmother’s care, one in a hot car death and the other in an accidental drowning.

Nix told authorities that her daughter, Kaila Schock, asked her to watch Uriel while she was at a hair appointment.

Authorities said Nix left Uriel in her vehicle outside her Wauchula home for several hours after returning from lunch. Nix said she “forgot” the child was in the car, according to the court documents.

Uriel was pronounced dead at the scene. 


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