Talko Tuesday: Time to Celebrate-Indictment Day!

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Indictment Day!

I’m over pundits telling us that we should not celebrate the fact that a former president will be arrested, charged with multiple crimes, and arraigned today but, yeah, whatever. This man deserves everything that is coming his way and even more….KARMA!

What about all the people who died from COVID-19 or are still suffering from its long term effects because of this criminal’s mishandling of the virus and lying to us about it? What about just all of his lying, trying to overthrow and election and our government? So, in my world, indict, indict, indict, and celebrate what is hopefully not the last in a long list of indictments coming his way.

News Views will bring you all the haps of today’s events. There will be no cameras in the courtroom but, the media can hang out outside of the courtroom and take a few still pictures before the judge kicks them out.

Of course, this seditious POS needs to get in on the action; it looks good on VP resumé:

In the meantime, enjoy the day and be safe. Feel free to post gifs, memes, etc. celebrating: Indictment Day! I have posted a live feed from the courthouse in NYC where TFG is expected to turn himself in this afternoon, EDST. Stay tuned for more threads on Indictment Day!

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