Liveblog - Tennessee Republicans Silence the Voice of the People: White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Fascism Strike Again

****News Views will use this particular discussion as today’s blog. Please take a few minutes to read the article, view the video clips, and follow along from the live feed if you want. This Is Fascism, folks and we need to stop it.

In an extraordinary move, Tennessee’s Republican-led House voted on Thursday to expel Rep. Justin Jones of Nashville, one of three Democratic lawmakers who recently led a raucous protest from the House floor calling for gun law reforms.

The vote was 72-25. The House has yet to decide the fates of Reps. Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson.

The three lawmakers acknowledge that they didn’t follow the rules of order and decorum by speaking without being formally recognized. But they’re facing a disciplinary measure that’s only been used twice since the 1800s. Republicans have said the trio’s actions amount to an insurrection.

“Fuck You, Fascists:”

“No Expulsion:”

“We Don’t Have Democracy in Tennessee:”

“We Are Losing Democracy:”

“This is What a Slide to Autocracy Looks Like:”

What the ONLY Republican that I Respect Just Said:

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