Free Chat Friday, Week 14

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and yes, here we are, venturing into April whether we want to or not. . . . April is looking to be as dramatic as March news-wise, whether that news is politics, weather, science, the world, the universe or all of the above.

For myself, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what happened last night in Tennessee, and what reactions followed from it. A blow to the democratic process and a blow for resisting those attacks on democracy were seen yesterday with the ousting of two Black representatives from the state legislature in Tennessee.

After listening to the speeches of Rep. Pearson and Rep. Jones, I was reminded of the power present in the push-back, in the No, in the “it ain’t over until it’s over” stance of resistance.

Hope, despair, a sense of foreboding along with a sense of possibility, a brazen display of racism and desperation along with a powerful response calling out the racism, the closed mindedness and the attempts to silence voters voices — all of those polarities were present at last night’s vote, and as usual we’re left to wait for the next development….. will it be thumbs up? or thumbs down?

Last night what happened in Tennessee was almost cinematic — it will make a difference. This is a moment, that’s it, last night felt like one of those MOMENTS in our history– one where a message broke through loud and clear, all because the GOP pushed their vindictive agenda way, way out of bounds.

This is Friday’s Free Chat here at NV– can you tell what’s on MY mind? I can’t stop thinking about the Tennessee Three, the expulsion vote and the speeches given by Pearson and Jones, the two representatives expelled.

Let’s talk about it, the indictment, the weather, the birds, the food you’re loving these days, and anything else you feel like sharing. For my part, it’s coffee first, feed the cats, and search for some good Tennessee cartoons. There weren’t many this morning– maybe too soon? I’m still looking. Meanwhile, what’s happening with you all? oh and GOOD Morning 🤘💥

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