Laura Loomer and MTG in Spat Over Trump

A vicious feud broke out Friday between extreme right-wingers Laura Loomer and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, sparked by a new New York Times report that said Donald Trump wants Loomer to join his waning 2024 presidential campaign.

Loomer has already had two failed congressional bids and is banned from both Uber and Lyft for anti-Muslim remarks.

The NY Times report predicted a fierce backlash, and it came to fruition. By Friday a Trump campaign official said Loomer was no longer to be hired.

Marge was throwing a severe tantrum over the possibility of Loomer joining the campaign.

Loomer was surprised at the treatment she was receiving from Marge, as Marge was previously very supportive of Loomer becoming a member of Congress. But she responded:

“You hired the foreign National who set up the dinner at Mar a Lago, and you spoke at AFPAC where you were more than happy to embrace Fuentes. Ye Asked me to work on his campaign, and I SAID NO because I told him I endorse Donald Trump, but I support his right to free speech. You are a liar. You have a British foreign National who openly attacks President Trump everyday working for you and living in Rome, Georgia. I have the receipts. I have screenshots of you telling me you want me in Congress and that you were going to endorse me. You only changed your mind once you made deals with McCarthy. You’re a disloyal liar and you’re working with someone who said he “wanted to make Trump miserable by setting him up at Mar a Lago”.

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Ali Alexander, who organized the white supremacist meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Ye and Nick Fuentes, had a conversation worth listening to about Marge.

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