Fox’s Mark Levin: Car Manufacturers Won’t Include AM Radio Because …

“They Finally Figured Out How to Attack Conservative Talk Radio”


MARK LEVIN (HOST): And by the way, let’s talk about radios for a minute. Ford is the latest manufacturer that says the future production of cars will not include the AM platform. Mister producer, you saw that, right? BMW has said it, others have said it because it interferes with something or other. 

They finally figured out how to attack conservative talk radio, mister producer, let me be the first one to say. Right at the manufacturer level, rather than going after us through the FCC, rather than going after us through legislation, rather than going after us through boycotting advertisers and all the rest, just don’t make AM stations available in automobiles anymore because not all but most conservative talk shows are on the AM band. That doesn’t mean you won’t have alternatives, of course. There are many alternatives, but that’s not my point.

This idea that all of a sudden, you’re gonna remove the AM band from cars, that’s aimed at people like me, to prevent people like you from just turning on your radio as you drive in your own local area or general area and listen to the station. That’s what that’s all about. Oh, no, no, Mark, you can’t prove that — I don’t have to prove anything. I’ve been around long enough. I figure things out. We’re way ahead of the curb here. That’s exactly what they’ve done. That’s exactly what they’re doing.


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