Ohio Man Carjacked Double Amputee and Left Him to Die on Train Track

‘If The Cold Doesn’t Kill You, a Train Will’

A man accused of carjacking a double amputee and dumping him onto train tracks is now in custody, the U.S. Marshals said, according to WOIO. Aaron Parsons, 36, surrendered on Wednesday for a charge of aggravated robbery with a gun, authorities said.

Investigators claim he carjacked the victim at gunpoint Broadway–Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

Parsons allegedly forced the man to drive to the 4000 block of Pearl Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. Parsons threw the man out of the vehicle and onto railroad tracks, authorities said. He and two other suspects, who investigators did not name, were allegedly involved in striking the man in the head with a firearm.


Police say the victim was able to crawl to safety. Parsons had removed the victim’s wheelchair from the stolen car and had thrown it down a ravine.  

The victim’s prosthetic legs were in the car.

Police said they found the vehicle “totally burned out,”  at around 3 a.m. on Feb. 23, several hours after the kidnapping.


The man, who lives in Brunswick, was struck at least twice in the head with a gun during the incident, he reported. He also told police that Parsons, who also goes by the name “Uni,” was his friend.


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