Coffee Talk

Good morning, News Viewers, isn’t it Friday yet??

The week from hell started out on a positive note here — positive for Covid. Ugh. I started the Paxlovid antiviral on Monday night and it’s a great treatment. I’ll call it a miracle drug if I don’t get a rebound infection in the following days.

It’s been a welcome relief to have beautiful weather to keep windows open, upper 60s to mid-70s.

Today’s Topic:

When you think you’ve had a bad week, in 1970 on this day, Apollo 13 was 4/5ths of their way to the moon when a liquid oxygen tank blew up. Four days later they landed safely in the Pacific Ocean.

What did I miss?

Hey, I showed up. It’s been a rough few days, but we can continue the mission.

What’s happening in your world and mine?