TFG Judge Who Suspended mifepristone Failed to Disclose Interviews on Social Issues

Shocking! The underqualified judge TFG appointed, Matthew Kacsmaryk, who is now most famous for overturning the FDA’s approval of the so-called abortion pill mifepristone and siding with the American Taliban, failed to disclose during his Senate confirmation process two interviews on Christian talk radio where he discussed social issues such as contraception and gay rights.

Kacsmaryk made two appearances in 2014 on Chosen Generation, a radio show that offers “a biblical constitutional worldview” where he discussed “the homosexual agenda” to silence churches and religious liberty. He referred to being gay as “a lifestyle” and expressed concerns that new norms for “people who experience same-sex attraction” would lead to clashes with religious institutions, calling it the latest in a change in sexual norms that began with “no-fault divorce” and “permissive policies on contraception.”

Federal judicial nominees are required to submit detailed paperwork to the Senate Judiciary Committee ahead of their confirmation process, including copies of nearly everything they have ever written or said in public, in order for the committee to evaluate a nominee’s qualifications and personal opinions. Neither interview is listed in the paperwork Kacsmaryk provided to the Senate during his judicial nomination process, which first began in 2017.

The radio interviews were not included in the 22 media works Kacsmaryk disclosed, which included three radio appearances and 19 written pieces.

Kacsmaryk claims he could not locate evidence of the interview nor can he recall it ever happening.

“I used the DOJ-OLP manual to run searches for all media but did not locate this interview and did not recall this event, which involved a call-in to a local radio show,” he told CNN. “After listening to the audio file supplied by CNN, I agree that the content is equivalent to the legal analysis appearing throughout my SJQ and discussed extensively during my Senate confirmation hearing. Additionally, the transcript supplied by CNN appears to track with the audio and accurately recounts my responses during the phone call—when quoted in full.”

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