A Man Was Accidentally Shot by Police With His Own Gun After Defending  His Own Dog From Two Pit Bulls


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Philadelphia Police say a 62-year-old man was walking his dog on a leash near 20th and Chew streets when one of two loose pit bulls began to attack his dog. The man reportedly tried to pull the dogs apart but was unsuccessful. That’s when police say the man shot and killed the attacking dog. The other dog ran off.

The man, who was licensed to carry, then walked home to the 5700 block of North 21st Street to take care of his injured animal. At some point after the gunfire, the man was able to flag down a 14th District officer to report the incident.

According to police, the man told the officer that he had just shot the dog around the corner and that his gun was in a holster on his side. The officer told the man that he would have to secure his weapon, so the man placed his hands above his head so the officer could gain access to the weapon, authorities said.


Officer James Edmiston then reached for the gun. As he took it out of the holster, he accidentally negligently pulled the trigger, striking the man in the right leg. 

Edmiston drove the man to Einstein Medical Center, where he was reported in stable condition.

Edmiston was placed on desk duty pending an internal investigation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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