DeSantis Says He Prayed Away Category 5 Hurricane Dorian


DeSantis delivered the keynote address at the Celebrate the Faces Israel event held at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.

“We brought the delegation for prayer at the Western Wall. The only thing I can tell you is my prayer in 2019 is that we would be spared the upcoming hurricane season in the state of Florida. And we were in a situation as we got in the height of hurricane season, you had a monstrous hurricane barreling east – or barreling west towards the Florida peninsula, Hurricane Dorian.

It was a category 5, a very strong category 5, and it was headed – basically gonna ram right into our state. And at that time, when it was on that track, people were saying, ‘Well, God must not be listening to the governor because we may be getting rammed here.

Well, the storm was heading our way, it slowed down, it turned all the way, 90 degrees, it went north and never impacted our coast. And so, I’m chalking it up to the prayer I put in the Western Wall.”


6 deaths were connected to the storm.

Hurricane Ian struck in 2022, it killed 149 Floridians.



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