Paul Stanley from KISS has Thoughts on Gender Controversies

Paul Stanley, frontman and founder of the 70s rock band KISS known for elaborate makeup, costumes, and platform shoes, has thoughts about gender-identity issues in children.

He suggested that children who had gender identity questions were being encouraged by their parents to embrace a “sad and dangerous fad.”

It’s unclear why Stanley had these thoughts.

Rolling Stone explained how Paul Stanley was confused and offered a fact check per the Mayo Clinic.

It’s unclear what specifically prompted Stanley to make the statement, but what is clear is Stanley has conflated sexuality and gender identity, which develop independently. “People communicate their gender to others through gender expression. This may be done through mannerisms, clothing and hairstyles,” per the Mayo Clinic. “Gender identity develops separately from sexual orientation. People’s sexual orientation is related to whom they’re attracted to on a physical, emotional and romantic basis.”

Rolling Stone

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