Tucker Carlson’s Producer Reveals Conversations About Brokering McCarthy’s Position as Speaker of the House on the Fox Show

Tucker Carlson’s producer Abby Grossberg disputes Tucker’s claims that he knows nothing about her suing him over a toxic and misogynist work environment.

“I know nothing about her. I never met her,” Carlson said last week.

But text messages reveal the two frequently corresponded on both group text threads and in one-on-one messages. The texts are part of a broader set of messages that Grossberg says demonstrates a working relationship with Carlson, contradicting his claim that they have little to no connection.

For example, Grossberg said she was aware Carlson and his fired ex-executive producer Justin Wells thought they were so powerful they were attempting to bring then-aspiring House Speaker Kevin McCarthy onto the show.

On CNN, Grossberg told Anderson Cooper that Carlson’s plan was to bring McCarthy onto the show with Matt Gaetz, and set the terms for McCarthy to become Speaker of the House.

“I mean, they believed that he could broker who was House Speaker. He wanted to do that live on air, but Kevin McCarthy said no...

Fortunately for McCarthy’s sake, he said no, but he did call Tucker the next day from his office with Representative Thomas Massie and had agreed to some of Tucker’s terms according to a text that Tucker had sent me and he said that was a win.”

Rolling Stone, Raw Story