Grifter Ethan Schmidt Hopes to Pass On His Genes

Ethan Schmidt-Crockett is seemingly always armed with a cell phone camera, ready to stir up drama and hurl insults around Phoenix.

The 24-year-old alt-right internet personality was issued a probation order by a Mesa judge in March for harassing a Mesa business called Sunny’s Hair and Wigs over their usage of masks. The conditions of his probation were limited, as he’s banned from showing up at Sunny’s, contacting its employees or committing a new crime.

In court, he said his hundreds of thousands of social media followers send him money for his live streams where he often broadcasts his antics.

This is likely why he’s back to his favorite subject: selfie videos of himself, trolling for dollars.

Unless you’re likely to throw Ethan a couple of bucks, it seems well enough to peruse his latest, and arguably the most laughable, attempt to own the libs — and demonstrate his eligibility as a bachelor.

Phoenix New-Times