Jack Smith Investigating LIV Golf in Documents Case

The New York Times is reporting that the DOJ is investigating The Don’s involvement in LIV Golf as part of the ongoing Mar-a-Lago documents case.

One of the previously unreported subpoenas to the Trump Organization sought records pertaining to Trump’s dealings with the Saudi-backed professional golf venture known as LIV Golf, which holds tournaments at Trump’s golf properties.

It is unclear what bearing Mr. Trump’s relationship with LIV Golf has on the broader investigation, but it suggests that the prosecutors are examining certain elements of Mr. Trump’s family business.

Last year Trump held a LIV tournament just outside of New York City, and 9/11 families wrote a letter explaining their “extreme pain, frustration and anger” over Trump hosting the Saudi event.

The letter included a quote from Trump himself in 2016:

“ … Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis – it was Saudi. Take a look at Saudi Arabia. Open the documents. We ought to get Bush or somebody to have the documents opened because frankly, if you open the documents, I think you are going to see it was Saudi Arabia …”

“The former President correctly speculated in 2016 that Saudi Arabia knocked down the towers and now the FBI has released the documents to prove him right,” Brett Eagleson, an advocate for the 9/11 Justice group, told CNN at the time, “yet he is choosing money over America. So much for America First. A sad day.”

Golfweek/USA Today

The NYT reports the existence of an insider witness, whose identity has not been disclosed, could be a significant step in Jack Smith’s investigation. The witness has reportedly offered photos of the storage room where the documents were held.

Sources say that nearly everyone who works at Mar-a-Lago has been subpoenaed, and that some who serve in fairly obscure jobs have been asked back by investigators.

The DOJ has also subpoenaed the software company that handles all of the surveillance footage for the Trump Organization, including at Mar-a-Lago, since some of the subpoenaed camera footage was missing.

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