Ohio: Gender Fluid Prom King, Queen Picks Trigger Debate; Man Arrested for Threatening LGBTQ+ Students

Gender fluid is defined by Merriam-Webster “of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is not fixed.”

Fairmont High School, located in Kettering, Ohio, held a prom that selected two gender-fluid seniors, 18-year-olds Rosita Green and Dai’sean Conley, as king and queen. The selection has sparked debate in Kettering City Schools.  

Supporters gathered outside of the school Tuesday afternoon before those opposing the selection addressed the Kettering board of education inside. One rally organizer said the event outside Fairmont — which drew more than 40 people — was designed to be “louder than the hate inside” at the board meeting.

A pair of Kettering residents who opposed the Fairmont selections said they do not hate those who favored the picks of Green and Conley for their respective titles, but expressed their displeasure with the decisions.

“I think he should have been voted king and the girl queen,” Joe Overholser told the board. “I’m concerned about what’s going on in the schools. I’m concerned about normalizing the idea of questioning gender.”

Of course some bigoted Karen suggested to the board it “write a policy requiring prom court candidates to run from a position linked to their biological sex.”

She said “schools harm children when they play along with this charade … what Kettering allowed to happen at prom is normalizing something that isn’t normal.”

Then there was this guy:

Kettering Police arrested 42-year-old Brandon Moore who called Kettering Fairmont High School and threatened the safety of students who identify as LGBTQ+. Although his threats were not directed at anyone particular, police considered them a broad safety threat.

“To assure the safety of students, staff and visitors at the high school, additional Kettering Police Department officers were dispatched to Fairmont as the KPD began an immediate investigation of from where and by whom the call had been made. Additional measures were also taken to patrol and monitor the perimeter of the building,” said the news release.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Moore is being held at the Kettering City Jail on charges of causing panic and threatening violence.

“We commend the quick action of the Kettering Police Department both in assuring the safety of our students, staff, and visitors and in identifying and apprehending the individual responsible for making the phone call this morning,” said the news release.

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