Social Media Profile of Texas Shooter Being Examined

Investigators trying to learn why Mauricio Garcia fatally shot at least eight people at a Texas mall are examining a social media profile, rife with hate-filled rants against women and Black people, that they believe belonged to the gunman.

The New York Times confirms that a social media profile found on the social media site OK.RU matches the gunman’s birthday and refers to the motel where he was staying prior to the shooting.

The profile was filled with hate-filled rants against women and Black people, and language praising Hitler, with references to neo-Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer.

The profile also includes several pictures showing a black tactical vest with an RWDS patch. In addition, the profile includes a screenshot from Google Maps showing the time at which the mall where the shooting took place was likely to be busiest.

While the profile also suggests at one point he was originally from Mexico, there is a clear embrace of white supremacy. As recently as last month, the account contained a post saying that “white people and Hispanics have a lot in common.”

Other photos from the OK.RU social media profile:

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