Pro-Trump Pastor Prays for God to ‘Uproot’ Lawmakers Who Won’t Bow Down


Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, prayed for God to “uproot” and “replace” lawmakers who refuse to bow down. 

During a “Pastors for Trump” event on Thursday, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer received a loud cheer and applause after praying for God to remove lawmakers who refuse to bow down to God’s will but didn’t specify which lawmakers he was referring to.

“We pray for our nation,” he said during the event at Trump National Doral in Miami. “We pray for our leaders. And God we ask that every single man and every single woman that has been elected who refuses to bow down to your will, God, may you remove them and you uproot them and may you replace them with men and women who know your voice and will obey your voice. God, that is our request that one day, out of Washington, D.C., justice will flow like a river and righteousness like a never-ending stream. And we will be able to say ‘America is great again because America is godly again in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

Some prominent right-wing figures attended the event, including Michael Flynn, former national security adviser during the Trump administration, and Roger Stone, a conservative political consultant.


Here’s a sample of Christian Pastor Lahmeyer’s social media posts.

Alex Jones did nothing wrong”

“Fauci is a mass-murdering Luciferian”

“Speaker Pelosi is a Demon!”

“Jan 6 = FBI Inside Job”

“Bring out the tanks. Immigration Moratorium”


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