🤡 Rep. James Comer 🤡 Admits Key ‘Informant’ Against Joe Biden Now Missing

Representative James Comer (Clown-KY) admitted on Sunday that his ‘smoking gun,’ key informant in an investigation about the Biden family being involved in an alleged bribery scheme has gone missing.

“These informants are kind of in the spy business…” 🙄

Last week, House Oversight Committee Republicans released a 36-page memo accusing members of the Biden family of earning millions of dollars during Joe Biden‘s term as vice president under former President Barack Obama from a number of Chinese and Romanian companies they claim posed “potential threats” to the United States. However, according to 🤡 Rep. Commer 🤡, nine of the 10 ‘star witnesses’ the clowns claim to have are “either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.”

The memo, a copy of which was obtained by Newsweek, includes redacted images of transactions involving a number of bank accounts purportedly belonging to members of the Biden family. It outlines a network of secretive bank accounts connected not only to Biden’s son, Hunter, but to a number of other family members, all of whom Comer, the committee’s chairman, accused of using Biden’s position to curry favor with foreign governments and peddle influence on U.S. foreign policy.

The documents released Wednesday provide no evidence that President Biden was ever directly involved in the alleged schemes—or even if the payments in question resulted in tangible impact on U.S. policy.

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