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The swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, available for sale today, has been straying outside its standard skimpy boundaries over the past few years.

In 2019, the Muslim model wore a hijab. In 2021, a transgender woman graced the cover, and in 2022, a pregnant woman.

Now, at 81 Martha Stewart beats 2022’s Maye Musk at 74 as SI’s oldest cover model.

I can’t say what it is I admire about this woman, but it seems based on the way she breaks norms and remains confident in herself.

Remember the Pfizer ad with the katana?

And making brownies with Snoop Dogg?

So while I’m not particularly fond of a sports news publication annually gracing its cover with womens’ bodies in skimpy swimwear, I feel like celebrating the confidence of Martha Stewart with some envy. I hope to be alive at 81, with the apparent joie de vivre emanating from Ms. Stewart.

What do you think?

Is it sexist, ageist, or admirable? Or some combination of all?

Regardless, this is Coffee Talk, where free speech begins with a good free chat.

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