Florida Man Makes it Official: DeSantalini 2024!

Florida Man, Governor Ron DeSantis (DeSantalini/DeFascist) has made it official; he’s now a 2024 presidential candidate. But, his bigly announcement didn’t start off so well; in fact, it “crashed and burned faster than a Tesla:”

“I am running for president of the United States to lead our great American comeback,” DeSantis said.

Per NBC:

The start of a much-anticipated Twitter event in which Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis planned to announce his 2024 Republican presidential bid was repeatedly disrupted Wednesday when Twitter’s servers apparently could not handle the surge in traffic.

The app crashed repeatedly as Twitter users tried to listen to the event where Twitter owner Elon Musk joined DeSantis for the announcement.

DeSantis eventually was able to speak, about 20 minutes after the scheduled start, after Musk closed the initial Twitter Spaces event and started a second one on the app. That space attracted about 161,000 users, according to Twitter’s public-facing data, as DeSantis read a short speech.


What Others Are Saying:

Dark Brandon Trolls Florida Man:

Hate to break it to you, assclown, primary voters are much different than general election voters-No Fascist USA!:

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