🙄 Lego is the Latest Company to Turn Our Children Gay 🙄

Add Lego to the list of things MAGAts, Fundie Freaks, and socially stunted morons do not like.

Last year, Lego announced it would launch a campaign to support the LGBT-Q Community as part of Pride Month. The A to Z of Awesome campaign has now caused the usual suspects to get their panties in a wad and call for boycotting Lego.

British influencer Oli London—who previously identified as transracial, gender neutral and transgender—shared one of LEGO’s videos on Twitter over the weekend. The clip gave further insight into the A-Z of Awesome campaign.


In April, a video went viral on social media showing an enraged LEGO store customer accusing the company of having an LGBTQ+ agenda. The customer berated multiple store employees for wearing LGBTQ+ badges, alongside the others they had on as part of their uniform.

Reacting to the clip, a LEGO Group spokesperson said: “The safety, wellbeing and security of our LEGO retail colleagues is our absolute priority, and we will not tolerate abuse of any kind.

“We are committed to building a more kind, empathetic and understanding society now, and for future generations and stand by all our colleagues who do that every day by making everyone feel welcome in our stores.”

Lego now joins the list of companies and items that cause MAGAts’ and the Foxbots’ heads to explode.

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