The GQP 🤡 cLoWn ShOw 🤡 Comes to California: TFG Lies His Ass Off

The GQP kicked off their fall convention in Anaheim, CA on Friday. 2024 presidential candidates Ron DeStronzo and Uncle Tim Scott also showed up to woo the convention goers with their bumper sticker rhetoric and to ‘own the libs.’ Vivek Ramaswamy is scheduled to follow them Saturday.

Who in Their Right Mind Supports this Cruel and Evil Rapist?:

Voting fraud, transgender rights: Trump’s false, misleading claims at California GOP Convention

Trump spent a great deal of time trying to discredit California’s voting system. “The state is rigged. It’s a rigged election,” he said. “It’s a horrible thing, and we have to turn it back.”
“There’s no way we lose this state in a real election,” he added about his campaign for the presidency.

Trump lost CA by nearly 30 pts. and his claims of widespread fraud does not exist. In fact, in 2020, it was actually the California Republican Party that admitted to placing more than 50 fake ballot drop boxes in Los Angeles, Fresno and Orange counties.

In his closing comments, Trump vowed to eliminate mail-in voting options, among other changes to voting systems.

“I will secure our elections — with special emphasis placed on California so that we can go all paper ballots, Voter ID, same date election and you actually have to go to the booth,” he said.


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The former president vowed numerous times throughout his speech to protect parental rights and stop what he called “child sexual mutilation,” referring to gender affirmation surgeries for transgender individuals.

In his comments, he said, the state of California “has no right to take children away from their parents and sterilize them.” “

Can you believe this? I will stop it immediately,” he added.

California does not allow people to take children away from their parents to undergo gender-affirming surgeries.

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