Round Four of Which 🤡 Clown 🤡 Will Become the Next Speaker of the House

After nearly three weeks of not having a Speaker of the House of Representatives and Gym Jordan’s THREE failed and embarrassing attempts to land that gig, the GQP will meet behind closed doors and vote by secret ballot for its next nominee. They may even come to the House floor for a live vote that more than likely, will fall short of the 217 votes needed to become the next Speaker of the House. Although this isn’t the time for games, chaos, and dysfunction, the GQP’s antics are always entertaining as long as they don’t include burning down the country and eradicating more of our rights.

Nine GQPers have thrown their hat into the ring in hopes of becoming the Speaker of the House. However, Dan Meuser dropped out last night so, we’re down to eight clowns.

Here is all you need to know:

😂 🤡 ❤️

***When you vote for clowns, expect a circus!

***Edit: Before News Views published this article, we learned we’re down to six clown who want to become the next Speaker of the House. It’s predicted that upside down Zoom guy will get the most votes in their secret decret ballot vote.

Watch from the link below or turn on your favorite cable news channel and play along!

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