Tucker Carlson Says Moscow is Better Than Any US City

Speaking in Dubai after his disastrous session with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he was humiliated repeatedly by the autocrat while listening to his two-hour fake history lesson, Tucker Carlson was gushing about how wonderful the country is compared to America.

“The city of Moscow … it is so much nicer than any city in my country. I had no idea. My father spent a lot of time there in the 80s when he worked for the US government and it barely had electricity. And now it is so much cleaner and safer and prettier aesthetically – its architecture, its food, its service – than any city in the United States.”

Tucker spends a few days in Moscow as a tourist and now it is better than any city in the US. Maybe he should’ve tried to see how safe it was by exercising some free speech. Maybe walk around the Kremlin holding up an sign protesting the war. It certainly is not a very safe city for anyone who disagrees with anything Putin says. It is also not a safe city if you are an able-bodied male, because you will be scooped up and drafted to be sent to Ukraine to die with the 350,000 other Russian casualties. It is also not safe to be a journalist there from any country who writes or says anything Putin doesn’t like. 

But, Putin-loving Tucker doesn’t have to worry about any of those things. He is quite safe walking around Moscow, because he toes the line with the Kremlin.


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