Trump Gets Humiliating Six Votes at the Libertarian Convention, Chase Oliver Wins Nomination

At the end of a four-day boisterous event, the Libertarian Party nominated one of their own, activist Chase Oliver, an openly gay former Democrat who in 2022 forced a runoff in a race for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, as their party’s presidential nominee.

Chase Oliver

Oliver beat out nine other candidates at the party’s national convention in Washington, including Robert Kennedy Jr., and MAGA’s favorite president, Donald Trump.

In Sunday’s first round of presidential nomination voting, Trump reportedly received just six write-in votes, which amounted to 0.65% of the total delegates.

Kennedy received 19 votes, or 2% of the total, and Stormy Daniels received one vote.

By Sunday morning, delegates had put Kennedy forward as a potential nominee.

The theme of the convention was “Become Ungovernable.”

Sunday’s proceedings were carried live on C-SPAN, whose viewers were treated to regular unbleeped profanity, a marriage proposal, a man wearing something like a loincloth onesie, and heated debate about rules of parliamentary debate and voting procedures.

Rubber chickens, which had the words “Debate Bobby” on them were passed out by the pro-Kennedy American Values 2024 super PAC at the weekend convention, but were reportedly confiscated by Secret Service agents prior to Trump’s disastrous speech, where he was heckled and booed throughout his time on stage.

At least one rubber chicken survived the round-up…..

…and Trump is likely to have continuing nightmares of rubber chickens.