Arlington National Cemetery Denies MAGAts from Placing an Ashli Babitt Memorial Stone

First and foremost, Ashli Babbit did not die protecting our freedoms or whatever spin MAGAts like to use to victimize the violent and extreme J6 participants. A Capitol police officer shot and killed her along with Benjamin Phillips, Rosanne Boyland, and Kevin Greeson, as they stormed the Capitol Building on that horrible day.

On Memorial Day a group of MAGAts traveled from Florida to Arlington National Cemetery with an “Ashli Babbitt Memorial Stone;” they were turned away. Ben Pollock, the father of two January 6th rioters who were captured by the FBI in January, created the memorial stone. The cemetery describes itself as a place to “honor those who have served our nation and provide a sense of beauty and peace for our guests.” The J6 insurrectionists did not serve our country; they disgraced it, caused numerous deaths, destruction, and ruin, which were all inspired by their KKKult leader, Donald J. Trump.

The groups was turned away by at the entrance. A man can be heard on the livestream mentioning the truck’s flags, which were mounted on 12 foot polls as a reason for being denied entry. The truck contained a Gadsden Flag fading into an American flag, along with the American and colonial American flags.

When the truck stopped, Pollock got out and stated that Ashli Babbit should be buried in Arlington National Cemetery “right up there with Mr. Lee,” an apparent reference to Robert E. Lee whose estate was converted to a cemetery after the Civil War. 

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