De Niro, Dunn, and Fanone Keep Focus on January 6 Outside Manhattan Criminal Court

Actor Robert De Niro and former Capitol police officers Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn came to a campaign news conference for President Joe Biden outside of Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan on Tuesday, with the goal of refocusing the election back to the insurrection of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

New Yorker De Niro called Trump a “clown” whose presidency could be dangerous for Americans.

“Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city but the country and eventually, he could destroy the world,” De Niro said.

Team Biden has largely ignored the Trump criminal trial for the past six weeks, but said De Niro, along with Capitol Police Officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone weren’t there to talk about the trial.

Biden’s campaign communication director, Michael Tyler, said they were there to exploit the large media focus on the legal proceedings.

“We’re here today because you all are here.”

“I came here today to remind Americans of what Donald Trump is capable of and the violence that he unleashed on all of Americans on Jan. 6, 2021,” Fanone said.

“We can’t count on these institutions to stop Donald Trump. It’s going to take us Americans at the ballot box to defeat him once and for all,” Dunn added.

Like a Pavlovian Trump lapdog, the Trump campaign rolled out Jason Miller to film for the Fox News crowd, and called De Niro a washed-up actor. De Niro had just been recently nominated for another Oscar.

Worth it to watch De Niro’s entire remarks here: