Trump Bragged About Sex With Stormy at Tahoe Golf Event

A celebrity athlete who played at the Tahoe golf tournament in 2006 along with Trump told The Daily Beast that Trump bragged at the tournament about having sex with porn star Stormy Daniels.

While Trump has repeatedly denied having sex with Stormy, the athlete, who spoke anonymously out of fear of harrassment or retaliation, said he was close to Trump and Daniels while they socialized at the 2006 American Century Championship celebrity tournament.

The athlete said Trump referred to Stormy as a “porn star,” and that it was understood among the golfers present that he was referring to Stormy Daniels.

The same anonymous athlete also told The Daily Beast that around the time Daniels’ hush-money payment was being negotiated, he received multiple calls from people who declined to identify themselves, asking what he remembered from the golf event 10 years before.

The athlete said at the time he didn’t see the relevance of those calls, but as the 2016 election approached he realized that Trump associates were scrambling to “catch and kill” Daniels’ story, to stop it from appearing in the press.

The tournament scorecard published online shows that Trump finished 62nd in a field of 80 athletes, comedians, politicians, chefs, and other media personalities.

The athlete also called Trump a cheat, claiming to have witnessed Trump kicking his own ball and clearing obstacles—“like these giant Tahoe pine cones the size of a baby’s head”— in violation of the rules. He also said Trump left trails in sandtraps that clearly showed he had moved his ball, and falsely lowered his score.

Among the tournament competitors were Ben Roethlisberger, former Vice President Dan Quayle, daytime talk show icon Maury Povich, comedian Ray Romano, and Olympic figure skating gold medalist Scott Hamilton, who all finished ahead of Trump.

Coming in first was scratch golfer Jack Wagner, winner of $100,000, and coming in last was Lou Holtz, football coach and later Trump sycophant.