“Under His Eye:” Graduate Presents Theocratic Fascist Superintendent with a Copy of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

 Because of a national agenda and far right outrage, dozens of “questionable” books have been removed from library shelves in Idaho over the last couple of years. Idaho lawmakers even passed a law that would possibly place fines on libraries if a child checks out such material, or if it’s not removed; they and their parents could sue the library for $250, plus damages.

During her high school graduation ceremony at Idaho Fine Arts Academy, honors student, Annabelle Jenkins, presented the Theocratic Fascist school superintendent with his very own copy of Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale. If it was not for social media and how extreme the far right has become, this event would have gone unnoticed; especially for a ceremony that had only 44 students walk across the stage. But, given the extreme beliefs and policies the far right has adopted and because The Handmaid’s Tale, has become an prime example of art imitating life for the Fundie Freaks/Theocratic Fascists in our country, the video has gone viral.

Ms. Jenkins volunteers at her local library and literature is very important to her but overhearing an argument between a teacher and a school librarian over the book sparked her to present the superintendent with his very own copy of it.

It was over the graphic novel the handmaid's tale and I was just so shocked because I had never seen school staff behave that way in a school setting," she said.

She said she was also shocked, because the book was so important to her and her classmates.
"It is a book with a lot of heavy themes and it has some very difficult scenes to get through it deals with a lot of sexual themes. I believe the word I heard being tossed around that book is pornographic which I very strongly disagree with," Jenkins said. "My main issue is the teacher that was contesting it had not read the book.

"I think the graphic novel is a tasteful way of adapting it and that's not to say there aren't scenes in there that may be difficult for some students or some readers I don't think it's a reason for it to be banned," Jenkins said.
How we've been treated and ignored, I realize that I did not want to walk across that stage and get my diploma and shake the superintendent's hand I just did not want to do that,"

Jenkins read The Handmaid’s Tale during her sophomore year; the theocratic fascists removed it in December of 2023.

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