The WSJ prints hit piece against President Biden parroting Kevin McCarthy

A new report from The Wall Street Journal has the White House on its heels Wednesday after it concluded Joe Biden is “slipping” mentally due to his age.

But critics of Donald Trump outside of the White House say there’s a problem with the piece: It relied heavily on Biden’s loudest foes in the GOP and, possibly worse, some who have even said in private that Biden is “mentally sharp.”

Scarborough cried foul, including on other officials they quoted, like current House Speaker Mike Johnson.“Mike Johnson and the same House Republicans who have tried to impeach Biden, impeached his Homeland Security Director, called for the jailing of Dr Fauci, and yesterday were abusive toward his AG.” Scarborough shot back.

I have repeatedly stated on air that I am an avid reader and cheerleader for the WSJ. That is what makes this false, biased story so disappointing. It is undermined immediately by the massive weight on on-the-record contradictions,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough posted to X, along with numerous reports of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy saying privately that Biden was on his game.

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