NYPD Plans to Revoke TFG’s License to Carry a Gun

And yes, he had three

The New York City Police Department is preparing to revoke Donald Trump’s license to carry a gun, according to police officials.

Trump had a concealed carry permit that was quietly suspended on April 1, 2023, when he was first indicted on criminal charges in New York. At that time, two of the three pistols he was licensed to carry were turned over to NYPD, while the third was “legally” moved to Florida.

Following his conviction of 34 felonies, he could be in violation of multiple state and federal laws if he possesses that third gun still in Florida.

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a federal crime.

Trump has had a license from the NYPD to carry a concealed firearm for more than a decade, but his request for confidentiality exempted the records from public information requests, in accordance with NYPD and New York state laws.

The pending revocation of his concealed carry license suggests he maintained his license throughout his term in office and beyond, while still protected by Secret Service agents.

Trump could seek a hearing challenging the revocation.