Captain Coup Returns to Capitol Hill

Team MAGA Pep Rally

Donald Trump met Thursday morning with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club, the same site where a pipe bomb was discovered on January 6, 2021.

At the closed-door meeting of the MAGAminds, Trump aired grievances, while praising loyalists who sang “Happy Birthday” to him.


  • New York Rep. Marc Molinaro said Trump told members to be very careful about how they talk about abortion policy and to show respect for women.
  • Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said Trump talked at length about tariffs, saying they are needed because “other countries have taken advantage of the United States, and we have tools to address it.”
  • Trump also claimed he would be tougher on Russia than Biden.

Following the meeting, Rep. Mark Amodei (R-Nev.) said that the message was to “vote for the team,” rather than policy talk.

Trump also asked Marjorie Taylor Greene to be nice to Mike Johnson.

According to sources in the room, he said it in a joking way while complimenting Marge.

Hannibal Lecter also received more praise from Captain Coup.

  • Trump also praised Nancy Mace for winning her primary, and said he was surprised that Taylor Swift didn’t support him when he passed a law to help songwriters.
  • Trump also said men shouldn’t be playing in women’s sports.

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